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Pastor Jessica Kyanja is the foundert and president of Girl Power Ministries, an international Women’s organiztion in Uganda.


She attends to the plight of homeless orphans, street children, commercial sex weorkers, female prison inmates, victims of rape and domestic violence through the Kapeeka Orphange and Never Again Rehabilitation Homes. She is currently constructing the Girl Power Institute that will provide a home and skills traning for over 1000 vulnerable girls.


Pastor Jessica holds an Honorary Doctorate in Humanities (Honoris Causa) from the United Graduate College and Seminary for pioneering Economics Empowement of Women in Self-help projects. She also recently recieved a Certificate of Life Time Achievement from the World Congress of Peace and Prosperity Foundation for her contribution to the Empowerment of Women.


Pastor Jessica is a bold and passionate Minister of the World and celebrated author of the books; “Girl Power” , “Through it all” , “Heritage” and many others. She is married to Pastor Robert Kayanja and they have three children.

Bishop Derek Nunekpeku is a Senior of Action Chapel International. Haaving astute authority in the field of Demonology, Bishop Derek oversees the demands of Demonological issues of Action Chapel Branches Worldwide. He also has a stong calling in the Healing and Deliverance Ministry.


She attends to the plight of homeless orphan With a good command of the French language, Bishop Derek is a heavily sought after Man of God who travels many nations of the world uprooting strongholds. breaking family altars and ancestral curses.


Bishop Derek is married to Lady Bliss Lebene Nunekpeku and they are blessed with four children.

Rev. Mrs Patricia Sappor is currently the National President of the Women of Action (The Women’s Minitry of Action Chapel International). She has been with Action Chapel for 36 years.


She has been a blessing to many especially the younger generation through Marital Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring.


Her book titled “The Chrisitian Woman (Secret To Enjoying Your Marriage)” has been a ablessing to many couples.


As a Chartered Banaker, the first female and current President of The Chartered Institute of Bankers, Ghana, Rev. Pat was in August 2018 awarded for her outstanding contribution to Society by the West Africa International Press Ltd. Rev. Pat is married with three children

An Alumna of the Harvard Business School, Angela is currently the first female Country General Manager for IBM in Africa.


Angela has won several awards, including the Excellence in Business Award in the Uk and the 2018 Woman in Technology of TheYear Award.


Angela has been an inspiration to many, especially teenage and single ladies, supporting them to identify their purpose and build their self worth.


She has led a lot of young ladies to the path of entrepreneurship and career development. She has been a source of hope for young ladies who have been emotionally and psychologically wounded. An asset to the next generation, Angela contiunes in her quest to impacting the youth.

Rev. Olivia Dotse has been a member of Action Chapel International for 39 years, serving in various capacities.


Rev. Olivia Dotse is currently the Resident Pastor of Acton Chapel International, The Eagles Nest, Community 2 Tema.


She is also the Pastor assigned to Dominion Television and a Lecturer at Dominion Theological Seminary.


She is a passionate Intercessor who belives that through consistent and persistent prayer, faith in God and hard work, one can reach his or her highest potential in life.


With diverse spiritual gifts, she has touched and tranformed the lives of many. She has mentored many spiritual sons and daughters who are passionately serving God in different spheres of life today. Rev. olivia is blessed with two children.

Mrs. Ivy Apea Owusu is the Chief Executive Officer of Cirrus Oil Services Limited with over 19 years experience in the Energy Sector. She is also the Board Chairman of the Chamber of Balk Distribution (CBOD).


Ivy  held numerous speaking engagements including being a Panel  Speaker at the maiden annual Executive Women’s Network (EWN) Conference 2017 and the Key Note Speaker at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Power Breakfast. Ivy is a woman of great humility and Ivy is married with two children.