The Temple Ministry is one of the many departments of the Action Chapel International. As a welcome team, its key mandate is to create a friendly and warm atmosphere in our services for the enjoyment of attendants especially new guests…




Temple Ministers provide a warm welcoming experience for church attendants. It is the belief of the church that a warm welcome enhances worship even before the worship service begins. For newcomers, it is our way of portraying love of Christ and to show how friendly our church truly is.

In addition, Temple Ministers also experience the joy of saying hello to many regulars and first timers. They are posted to the entrances of the auditorium prior to the start of service to welcome congregation members. These volunteers do whatever it takes to make visitors feel a part of the church.

Furthermore, temple Ministers prepare and assists in serving of communion.

Temple Ministers through the use of Scriptures and their rich Christian experience provide counsel to the individuals with diverse challenges. In addition, they also provide counsel during regular phone-ins which is a sequel to the voice of inspiration broadcast throughout the week and follow up people they counsel.

It is our hope that Action Chapel International would continue to create an atmosphere of love and fellowship, so that its congregation members and visitors will get the help they need to make their worshipping experience meaningful. The department is headed by Minister Jacob Akrong and our meeting days are Sundays after service.