Marriage Counseling

In the multitude of counselors there is safety and and also purpose are established. (Proverbs 11:14, Proverbs 15:14) Couples who want to be married by the church are required to go through pre-marital counseling to prepare and equip them with pertinent.

Knowledge especially from the Word of God (who instituted marriage) to help and guide them in years life-long journey in marriage.

The department has Pre-Marital Counselors who are matured married couples in the Lord with several years of marital experience and training in the work.

The counsels are taken through lessons on topics such as, Love in the Marriage, Duties of a husband and a wife in a marriage, Role of in-laws, Sex and Marriage. Family Finance, among others. There is an ample opportunity for question and discussion in an informal and friendly atmosphere during the Counseling. The duration for counseling is three(3) months

Some pre-requisite for the Counseling are that at least one of the couple should be a Church member and a tithe payer, the couple must both be matured in age and be in gainful employment, parents of the Couples must be consulted, the Couples must have a marital home, both of them legally free from previous marriages if any, among other requirements. If one of them is not a church member, a confidential report must be obtained from his/her church. Also, a medical status of the couple and a Marriage Permit from Accra Metropolitan Assembly (A.M.A) are required before marriage.