Women in Action


To Build a Strong Women’s Group in ACI who will contribute Spiritually, Economically and Socially to ACI, Families and the environment in which the Women are.


To empower women through prayer, Bible teachings, skills training, mentoring and any other activities that will enhance and contribute to the spiritual, economic, social, and total well-being as well as impact lives of women in ACI churches and our communities.

  • To foster closer association and interaction between members of the Ministry and other Christian women organisations.


  • To carry out activities that will enhance the spiritual, total well-being and emotional growth of the Women of Action. This will be achieved through (but not limited to) prayer meetings, Bible teachings, witnessing, social activities and any activities that will enhance understanding and edifying of each member of the Ministry.


  •  To reach out to other Vulnerable  Women Who are outside ACI , win them to Christ, build capacity and equip them with skill that will enhance their Spiritual , Economic and Social Well being