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Arrival & Reception

Once you arrive, our Protocol team will be available to help you or you and your family prepare for a powerful worship experience. Special provisions are available for children and youth, who will be ushered into their own worship classes/services, allowing you the opportunity to focus on receiving all that God has planned for your visit.


We are one church in many locations! Each worship service offers high praise and worship, strong prophetic intercession, divinely inspired spirit filled messages and powerful exhortations from the Word. In this atmosphere of fellowship, we also take time out to recognize and welcome those who are visiting with us for the first time.


When you arrive you will be greeted and directed by our Car Parking team. They will help you find available spaces on the ACI compound and show you the nearest entrance into the Main Auditorium.

A Special Gift for You

When you visit, be sure to complete our registration card provided at the end of the service, where you will also receive a special gift on behalf of the Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams. The registration form will allow us to keep in touch and share the upcoming events taking place at Action Chapel International.

Contact Us

For further information on upcoming programs and events, please call the ACI Corporate Communications & Event Office on

Action Chapel International
Corporate Communications & Events Office
+233 26 26 26 948
+233 26 26 26 906
+233 26 26 26 903