Firm Foundation

Firm Foundation is the gathering of youthful adults, which is young men and women ready able and willing to impact their generation.


To train leaders for the end time assignment by equipping them with the Word of God to give them faith with the Holy Ghost to fill them with God’s power and to teach them the truth by the knowledge of His son Jesus.


To raise a new generation of young adults who will impact their generation not by the enticing words of man’s wisdom, but through the demonstration of God’s power. How do we accomplish this you may ask? By not just dwelling on the Letter, but by also dwelling in prayer and fasting to fortify the flesh and the spirit so that the two agree.

Firm Foundation is a ministry of ACI that aims to provide a Spirit-filled environment to enable its members (young men and women) strengthen their foundation in the faith as they transition into adulthood. The ministry also aims at raising impactful leaders for its generation.

Wisdom of Solomon – this is the counseling department of Firm Foundation. This department facilitates the altar call process and new converts’ walk with Christ.
Peace Keepers – this department ensures the safety of the congregation during services and events of Firm Foundation.
Way Keepers – this is the protocol department of Firm Foundation. This department ensures the order and movement of congregants in the sanctuary during services.
Gifted Hands – this is a group of individuals who serve as volunteers to assist the ministry. They are called upon when the need arises to help with activities and tasks.
Life – this is the technical department of Firm Foundation. This department enhances the worship experience of congregants by providing audio-visual and multi-media technical support. The department handles audio setup, projection and recording of the service.
Firm Praise – this is the musical department of Firm Foundation. This department ministers during Firm Foundation’s services



1st Service – 7:00am – 9:30am

2nd Service – 10:00am – 12:30pm

Impartation @ 6:00pm with Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams  – Prayer Cathedral – Main Auditorium


Prayer Cathedral – Youth Auditorium