Genesis 8:22

“While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”

Life is full of cycles. The world of biology shows a lot of cycles in plant life – the seed is sown, it germinates, grows into a tree with branches and leaves, then later flowers develop and mature into fruits. The fruits are harvested and while it looks like a time of rejoicing, it also presents itself as another time to sow new seeds. The seeds are planted again; the process continues.

Out of this natural phenomenon the passage for today acknowledges that for as long as the earth remains, seed time and harvest will never cease. This principle also finds expression in our lives –spiritually, physically, and intellectually.

In this year, we are expecting to experience a lot of harvest from God. This may come in many forms – spiritual upliftment to operate on another level of authority, mental or intellectual growth where you increase in knowledge of God’s truth and in His wisdom to deal with life’s issues, financial prosperity, signifying a break from poverty that may have crippled you over the years, etc. It looks like the good end of a fairy tale … and they lived happily thereafter.
The truth is that God’s harvest for you is actually the beginning of another cycle. How would you interpret it if you get a deep feeling inside that you should give half of the money that hit your account into the development of the kingdom? Would you bind the devil or say, “Yes, Lord, Your will be done?” Whatever you do is determined by your understanding that seed time and harvest shall eternally remain.


1. Thank God for instituting the cycle of seed time and harvest and teaching us to understand it.
2. Ask for grace to obey God if you have to sow part of the harvest He gave you into the business of His kingdom.
3. Father, please help me understand that all I have came from you and be ready to let go for the sake of the kingdom.


I declare that all I have belongs not to me but to my Father who gave it in the first place. My heart is ready to obey God’s leading to invest into His kingdom. I do not argue with God; I do not try to figure it out. For as long as Jehovah says it, it shall be well with me in the name of Jesus.

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