1 Samuel 30:8

8 And David enquired at the Lord, saying, Shall I pursue after this troop? Shall I overtake them? And he answered him, Pursue: for thou shalt surely overtake them, and without fail recover all.

In a military combat all the members of a particular platoon are expected to be very alert to their commander. They wait for instructions. In fact, you can even say that they hardly think of what to do because someone is expected to do all the thinking. All they need is a direct command from the commander to strike, move, hasten or slow down. We are familiar with the popular phrase from the military, “obey before you complain” None of us wants to operate that way, and you often hear people complain that another person is ordering them as if they are in the military.

Guess what, when it comes to our relationship with God, our level of obedience must be even more than the military. If God says move, you better move because if you instantly obey, you will discover He truly knows more than you do.

David’s experience has a lot to teach us. Read over the entire chapter and see if you can find something more than the scenario described above. There are times we must pursue if we must recover. In those moments, we must play our roles very well – pursue to overtake and recapture.

There is a place for pursuing to recapture. The question is what are we pursuing to capture? Look at the different things you have lost in life. Which of them do you feel you need to pursue to reclaim? Do what David did in his relationship with God. Ask God, “Shall I pursue?” Which of them must you let go of and simply say, “Lord have your way.”


1. Praise the God who gives you power to pursue all that you need to pursue to overtake and recover.
2. Ask for grace to pursue and recover and not give up anywhere in the process.
3. Father, please re-energize me by the Holy spirit so I will pursue at Your command to recover all I have lost.


At the command of the Lord I will pursue. I no longer stay put and worry and complain. With the anointing I have received I pursue till I have recovered all. My God is with me. No power can stand in my way. I pursue till I have brought in my harvest in the name of Jesus.

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