Leviticus 26:5

‘Indeed, your threshing will last for you until grape gathering, and grape gathering will last until sowing time You will thus eat your food to the full and live securely in your land”.

The above is one great promise God made to the children of Israel as they marched towards the land He promised them. This provision is included in the things that were written for us who will be living in these end times.

It is clearly a promise of abundance. It is one that ensures that they would have what God calls abundance. It is a promise that guarantees that throughout the year you will have plenty. God has said severally in His word that when it comes to our well-being, we should have no doubts, because He is the Great Provider.

Biblical history has shown that God has not backed out of this promise. King David testified that he had never seen the righteous lack, or their children beg for bread. God fulfills His promise at all times. It is part of His eternal faithfulness. That makes Him the only true Promise-keeper any man can think of.

Now let us take it further. God is causing the winds of the east, west, north and south to blow in your direction. This is the fulfillment of His promise for all. God’s winds are full of rain to water your land and make it productive. It is left with you to put yourself in readiness, so you can see the rain in the first place, and then you can take your portion of what they hold for you.
It has begun, and on this 2nd day of the year of harvest you must develop sensitivity to align with God and His promises for a great harvest.


1. Thank God for this year of harvest and for every blessing that is coming your way from Him.
2. Ask the Father to help you be alert so you do not miss any of His blessings.
3. Father, as You fulfill Your promise to humanity, help me identify my portion and claim it so I can align my life to what You are doing now.


I declare that I am a container of God’s blessings. I create room in my heart to receive all that God is bringing my way. I declare by divine authority that none of my blessings will pass me by. I open my mouth wide and I declare that my God will fill it with every blessing intended for me in this great year of harvest in the name of Jesus.

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