The month of July was declared our MONTH OF REST by the Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams and like every other month, a 72 hour fasting and prayer was declared by Papa to usher in the month. July’s fast was held to secure our month of rest and to deal with cycles which have contended with our destinies. From 6pm – 8:30pm, the church gathered at the Prayer Cathedral for corporate prayers to end each day of fasting.

The first day of corporate prayer begun at 6pm with praises and worship led by the Voices of Triumph. The congregation was then led into a time of prayer by Bishop Clement, with scriptures which brought clarity and direction as prayers were said. Being a mid-week service, the resident Bishop of Prayer Cathedral- Bishop Obodai- took over, teaching and further breaking down the word in relation to the theme for the fast. The church then entered into another time of prayer and declarations. The service ended at 8:45pm.

By the second day of corporate prayers, the church auditorium was almost filled to capacity as momentum built up from the first night of prayer. It was a service of praise, worship, the word, prayer and declarations, led by Bishops Clement and Obodai respectively. The service ended with a reminder that there would be no evening corporate prayers, because the last day of fasting would be crowned with an all-night service from midnight on 6th July.

The Prayer Cathedral begun filling up from 10pm on Friday 6th July with members who wanted to break cycles contending with their destinies in order to secure the month of rest. Voices of Triumph let the church in praise and worship to usher the congregation to the throne room of the Most High at intervals. Prayer was led by Bishop Clement, who handed the baton over to Bishop Ahiati. The prayer director- Bishop Nyarko-Antwi led the church for the grand finale prayer session which ended at 5am on Saturday 7th July.

I hope you are well.



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