God does not make mistakes. He is strategic in creation and decided to create you in a unique way. Do not get distracted by trying to be someone else. You have been called for a purpose and you are much more anointed than you envisage. Thus, run with patience the race that you have been called. Do not be distracted by events around you; let your focus be on God and do what you have to do. Be inspired by those who have taken the lead in the race of life. Be encouraged that he who has begun a good work will be faithful to complete it.

Learn to celebrate the victories of others, for your testimony assuredly is on the way. Learn not to speak ill of others, be gracious at all times; speaking only the truth and doing that which is right before God. Blessings come from the Lord, so do that which is humanly possible, God the rewarder of all things will honour you in His appointed time. It is unwise to do comparison with others; we bear different crosses; our abilities are not the same and destinies do vary. Learn to understand the sovereignty of God in your Christian walk and trust His word.

Be of the right attitude and use the gifts and abilities God has placed in you to impact humanity no matter how small you think they are. Remember, it took a small boy’s five loaves of bread and two fishes to feed thousands of people.
Peoples opinion about you is not significant, what matters is that you are in God’s perfect will. Things will work together for your good.

Discover the gift, stir it up, use the giftings and perfect it. Be a faithful steward in little and in much. Do not discredit the gift. What God has placed in you is bigger than you can ever fathom. You will shine and excel. A dawn of a new morning cometh; pregnant with breakthroughs and miracles. Be expectant!

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